Iran: tweety Trump goes to war (part 2)

© Michel Kichka

So, despite pressure from the Europeans and his friend Macron, Trump did not give up his Iranian bone and decided, whatever the consequences, to withdraw the US from the Iranian nuclear agreement (JPCoA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, 2015), accepting the demonstration of “Bibi” Benyamin Netanyahu, according to who Iran is lying.

Certainly, Iran is not the little guardian angel of the Middle East, its actions in Syria, in Lebanon and elsewhere, the opposition with Saudi Arabia are a problem. Nevertheless, the international agreement remains a means of re-entering Iran into the international community. If the Europeans, allied to China and Russia, parties to the agreement, fail to keep it alive, the risk is to see Iran, as its president, Hassan Rohani, announced, to follow the example of North Korea and continue not only its race to the nuclear bomb, but also its destabilizing actions in the Middle East. Another risk is destabilizing the fragile internal balance of Iran and pushing the extremist pasdaran to regain power. Lastly, the impact on the oil markets could provoke a new crisis whose impact on the economic recovery in Europe could be significant.

How far will the irresponsibility of American genius go?

© Niels BoBojesen – Trump lascia l’accordo nucleare con l’iran. – Trump quitte l’accord nucléaire avec l’Iran
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