Libex Exhibition 2019 Lunapocene: shall we also distroy the moon?

    A l’occasione della XV° edizione del Festival Della Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno, Lector In Fabula 2019, sul tema “La terra vista dalla Luna“, Libex ha organizzato una mostra, con catalogo a colori e cartoline postale, dedicata alla Luna e ai rischi di inquinarla come abbiamo inquinato la terra. La mostra si tiene nel […]

The geopolitical imbroglio of Khashoggi affair: cynicism and deafening silences

The murder, in horrendous conditions, of the journalist Jamal Kashoggi on October 2, still makes news around the world. A saga which makes audience, as often in our new world of information 24/24, not so much because a journalist has been murdered (which in the end is considered as a banality), but for the suspens’ […]

The JACOVITTI’s world – An exhibition in Aosta

This exhibition proposes a long journey in the career of Benito Jacovitti and his numerous characters with many cartoons exhibited for the first time. A hilarous exhibition with the surealistes characters of “Jac”. But also an axhibition which is not only of comic strips, but with a profound cultural dimension, of political and social dimension, […]

LIBEX at the festival “We are Europe” – Trento 25-27 May 2018

The LIBREXPRESSION center will be present at the “Siamo Europa” festival Program: Festival organized by the Autonomous Province of Trento, in Trento from 25 to 27 May 2017. LIBEX accounts for two events: 1- A conference on the theme: “European Union and Fake-news“, Saturday 26 at 17:30: What are “fake news”? Certainly, false news … […]

May 9: European Union Day

Faced with the same huge challenges (energy supply, terrorism, migration, multinational domination, competition between great powers …) that every member country of the Union must face, which for pure rationality should be faced together and not each on its own, it seems that many European politicians and peoples, forgetting that unity makes strength, propose and […]

Iran: tweety Trump goes to war (part 2)

So, despite pressure from the Europeans and his friend Macron, Trump did not give up his Iranian bone and decided, whatever the consequences, to withdraw the US from the Iranian nuclear agreement (JPCoA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, 2015), accepting the demonstration of “Bibi” Benyamin Netanyahu, according to who Iran is lying. Certainly, Iran is […]

Macron the European (continued) in Germany to receive the Charlemagne Prize

Paris, May 8, 2018 (AFP) – Emmanuel Macron meets Angela Merkel Thursday in Aachen (Germany), where the French president will receive from the hands of the German Chancellor the prestigious prize Charlemagne rewarding “his strong vision for a new Europe“, an ambition that struggles to take off. This 24-hour visit, Wednesday evening and Thursday, in […]

Tunisian municipal elections, 6 May 2018

For the first municipal elections in Tunisia after the revolution: no participation (only about 34% of the population entitled voted against 68,4% in the 2014 elections), young people on the sidelines, women on the front lines and civic lists, these are the keywords in the aftermath of the vote. Elections in silence. Even the press […]

Macron-Tintin in America

With his hairless face, youthful silhouette, piercing blue eyes, almost hairstyle with a puff, his fearlessness and willingness to fight, his liberalism tinged with Christian-social-democraticy, his certainty to defend the fundamental values ​​of Western liberal democracy, French President Emmanuel Macron has everything from the paper hero of Hergé: Tintin. Like him he is surrounded by […]

Anglo-French-Amercican strikes on Siria – critical points of view

The Franco-English-American strikes on Siria, created many comments and critica from cartoonists of all part of the world, written or drawn. Libex is proud to propose you some of them.   Assad, Putin, Iran and Israel By Michel Kichka, April 10, 2018 website: It is undeniable that the presence on our doorstep of the […]

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