Working Groups

Different themes and activities will require the creation of working groups in order to define the role of the Centre and also to develop the documentation and specific actions.

These ad-hoc groups will be created according to the needs of the Centre and its activities and based on voluntary participation of members of the Scientific Council or of the Centre.

The first actions to be developed are the following:

– Definition of the ethical charter of the Centre concerning freedom of expression, compatible with the international law and human rights, freedom of the press, etc. Several Charters will have to be defined: Charter of the Centre, Charter for members and partners, Charter for the sponsors.

– Preparation of training modules on freedom of expression and political satire: what does freedom of expression means, legal and moral aspects, freedom of expression and information: training to critical research of information, intelligent use of the Internet, fact-checking, etc., training to the reading of images (photos or cartoons),

– Definition of operational rules (rules for selection of members, terms and rates for the sale of members’ work – technical aspects).

– Development of the IT tools and softwares.