LIBREXPRESSION, Conference “Fobidden to be offensed”, Festival Internazionale in Ferrara

Photo Gallery of the Conference: “Forbidden to be offended” organized by the Center Librexpression during the festival Internazionale a Ferrara il 29 settembre 2017. Ismail Dogan (Turkkey/Belgium), Ramses Morales (Cuba) and Tom Tomorrow (USA) and Thierry Vissol (EU/FR) explain their views on what is freedom of expression and its possible limits. All illustrated their postions […]

Marianne Catzaras – photograph

During the thirteenth edition of the Festival “Lector in Fabula” (from 14 to 17 September 2017 in Conversano) on the theme “It’s easy to say Revolution“,  the LIBREXPRESSION Center organized various events: 3 workshops, 2 conferences and an exhibition. During the conference dedicated to the theme of “Freedom of expression and democracy in the Mediterranean” the […]

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