The center Librexpression

Centre LIBREXPRESSION, Foundation Giuseppe Di Vagno

The Centre LIBREXPRESSION, Foundation Giuseppe Di Vagno is Euro-Mediterranean center for the promotion of freedom of expression, freedom of press and of political satire (graphic, cartoons, photo, literature, etc.).

Objective: promote freedom of expression, freedom of press and political satire, specifically graphic, bur not only, as an indispensible instrument for democracy and pertinent form of information and debate; Develop the use of political satire being in education, and in all kind of media (newspaper, audiovisual, social networks, books, and in exhibitions).

A Scientific Council, composed of cartoonist, photographs, journalists, academic specialized in the themes of the Center will monitor and ensure the coherence of its activities.

Organization: The center is organized with five main pillars, that should be all operational within 2020:

1 – A promotion activity of freedom of expression and press, and of political satire (activity already started and in development) organizing public conferences and thematic exhibitions, participating to international journalism or cultural festival, radio and TV programs (see the annex).

 2 – A cartoons, photography and illustrations data bank (in construction) to promote the work of the Center’s members (cartoonists, graphic designers, photographs, intellectuals… Europeans, Italians or from the other side of the Mediterranean sea) involved in political satire and defense of freedom of expression and press. Promotion towards media, journalists, teachers, students of high schools and universities, publishers and editors… This data bank will present works, publications selected by the members and organized thematically and by author, with a research tool.

Such a data bank should help potential users to find illustrations for their specific needs (video, journals, newspaper, books, teaching, etc.).

3- A documentation center (In construction) library (in the Foundation Di Vagno premises) and virtual library dedicated to freedom of expression, political satire and caricature (under all its forms and specifically graphic), since antiquity. It will be a specific department of the Foundation, and has already more than one hundred books on these themes. Collections of  political and satirical cartoons will be scanned to create a historical data bank to complete that of point 2

4- A residence for artists (project), located in the San Benedetto Monastery in Conversano. Four to six artists (2 to 3 Europeans, 2 to 3 non-Europeans) will be invited to stay from 1 to 3 months, to work on their own projects.  In exchange, they will have to do some conferences or workshops and dedicate some art work to the region.

5- Didactic activities (In construction). The center intends to produce in collaboration with European partners who share its philosophy and objectives, training modules (live and on the web) for students and teachers (high schools and universities), specifically of art and design schools on freedom of expression: what does it mean, rights and limits, how to look for and verify information, fact-checking, danger and and usefulness of the net, how to read an image.

Legal address:

Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno (1889-1921) – ONLUS
Via San Benedetto, 18

Director: Thierry Vissol,
Tel : +39 331 190 73 70