Macron the European (continued) in Germany to receive the Charlemagne Prize

Paris, May 8, 2018 (AFP) – Emmanuel Macron meets Angela Merkel Thursday in Aachen (Germany), where the French president will receive from the hands of the German Chancellor the prestigious prize Charlemagne rewarding “his strong vision for a new Europe“, an ambition that struggles to take off. This 24-hour visit, Wednesday evening and Thursday, in […]

Macron-Tintin in America

With his hairless face, youthful silhouette, piercing blue eyes, almost hairstyle with a puff, his fearlessness and willingness to fight, his liberalism tinged with Christian-social-democraticy, his certainty to defend the fundamental values ​​of Western liberal democracy, French President Emmanuel Macron has everything from the paper hero of Hergé: Tintin. Like him he is surrounded by […]

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