The members of the Centre can be cartoonists, illustrators, writers, photographers, journalists, specialized in political satire or in the promotion and the study of freedom of expression. The members agree that their work is promoted and eventually distributed and sold by the Centre through its network of magazines, publishers, etc.

– The members can use all the services of the Centre (library, research, etc.), and can be invited to conferences or exhibitions organized by the Centre, to comment on its activities or to make suggestions.

– The quality of member can be used in their promotion, on their sites, blogs, etc.

How to become a member

To become a member you need to:

– Apply to become a member (except if asked to be member through a direct request by the Scientific Council or by the Director of the Centre)

– Adhere to the code of ethics of the Centre (based on the definition of freedom of expression by the UN, the Council of Europe, the Charter of Rights of the European Union – Article 11§1- and the European Court of Human Rights – Judgments Handyside[1], 1976 confirmed by the judgment Klass, 1978).

Warning: If a member does not respect this ethic, his membership to the Centre could be cancelled, after a review of the problem by the Scientific Council.

[1] «Freedom of expression is one of the essential foundations of a society, one of the primordial condition of its progress and the realization of each person (…). It refers not only to the ‘ information ‘ or ‘ ideas ‘ welcomed or regarded as inoffensive or indifferent, but also to those that offend, shock or bother any State or a fraction of the population. In this respect these ideas demand pluralism, tolerance and a spirit of openness, without these elements there is no democratic society». However, the exercise of this freedom involves duties and responsibilities, as provided for in article 1963 of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights.