The JACOVITTI’s world – An exhibition in Aosta

© Silvia Jacovitti

This exhibition proposes a long journey in the career of Benito Jacovitti and his numerous characters with many cartoons exhibited for the first time. A hilarous exhibition with the surealistes characters of “Jac”. But also an axhibition which is not only of comic strips, but with a profound cultural dimension, of political and social dimension, a kind of sociological text book, drawn in a surrealist, bizarre and parodical way.

More than 250 original drawings by Benito Jacovitti (born in Termoli in 1923 and dead in Rome in 1997) will be on show in the prestigious exhibition center of Saint Bénin in Aosta (Italy). An exhibition that will permit to reconstruct the career of almost sixty years and during which the artist has created some unforgettable characters that have accompanied entire generations.

The exhibition, curated by Dino Aloi and Silvia Jacovitti, is scheduled from 27 October to 28 April 2019. It leads the viewer through a dense exhibition of sketches, cartoons, comic strips and illustrations created especially for the occasion, with particular attention paid to the characters that made Jacovitti unique and inimitable: Cocco Bill, Zorry Kid (of which it is the fiftieth anniversary), the journalist Tom Ficcanaso and many others. Among the drawings of the exhibition you will see, exhibited for the first time, the originals of some real ‘goodies’. Among these, are some tables made for promotional items and 60 drawings of figurines made in 1954 for the register of ‘Il Vittorioso’, ‘Genti d’ogni paese’.


In Il Vittorioso “Genti d’ogni paese”  Jacovitti draws in his own way the various populations of the world.


Fascism as seen by Jacovitti

In addition, his wonderful illustrated Pinocchio is presented, as well as the Diari Vitt, his incredible panoramas, board games and pages of the newspapers with which he collaborated, including ‘Il Vittorioso’, ‘Il Giorno dei Ragazzi’, the ‘Corriere dei Piccoli’ and ‘Il Giornalino’.

Pinocchio, version Jacovitti

One of his master-pieces is his hilarous Kamasultra, in collaboration with Marcello Marchesi, pieces which unfortunatly are not presented in this exhibition, specifically designed for a young public public.

Le “KamasuLtra” di Jacovitti el Marcello Marchesi

Some of the main Italian intellectuals like Umberto Eco, Vittorio Sgarbi e Goffredo Fofi, have dedicated works to Jacovitti.
many of the Jacovitti’s works are also published on the excellent magazine on-line dedicated to humour, cartoons and comics:

The exhibition was possible thanks to the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta and the Education and Culture Department.
It is completed with a catalogue.
Two conferences will be held during the conference.


Curators: Dino Aloi & Silvia Jacovitti
In collaboration with: Milko Dalla Battista, Fiorenzo Grasso,Claudio Mellana and  Alessandro Prevosto

Du 27 octobre 2018 au 28 avril 2019

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 -13/14:00 – 18:00
Monday closed

Aosta, Centro Saint Bénin
Via Festaz 27

Assessorato Istruzione e Cultura della Regione autonoma Valle D’Aosta
tel.+39.0165.275937 – 0165.272687

Press office: 
Simonetta Carbone +39.335.6505656 –




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