Media partners

Media Partners (at 1rst Octobre 2017)

Buduàr, (on-line Italian almanach of “arte leggera”)
Eurozine, (European network of cultural magazines)
Fany Blog,  (Italian blog dedicated to satirical cartoons)
Fenamizah, (Turkish website of international humour)
Mamma!, (Satirical magazine and editor)
Voxeurop,  (Multilingual European information website)
Radio Radicale, (Italian radio)

Partners (at 1rst Octobre 2017)

Associazione Altrinformazione, (IT) Cultural association that practices nonviolent communication, publishing books and documents aimed at culture rather than profit, promotes the use of new information technologies and the enhancement of artistic expression in its most varied forms, used as tools to encourage processes virtuous of social change.

Cartoon Movement,  (Hol) is a global collaborative platform for editorial cartoons pubishing new content at least four times per week. It proposes projects to develop human conscience to resist when we see our fellow humans facing injustice and or repression, like “Perspective on Freedom 2018”.

Coin d’Art,  (Bel) Is a non profit association that proposes activities of calligrafy, caricature, drawing, grafic creation to young boys and girls to contribute to social integration, cohabitation, and solidarity between the different cultures of the city.

Editrice Il Pennino,  (IT) manages exhibitions in Italy and abroad on  historical themes using an archive of over 30,000 satirical newspapers ranging from 1848, year of publication of the first satirical magazines,  to the present day. The exhibitions  have also often a thematic nature linked to local products (both with historical research and with specially made material.) At the same time it manages advertising campaigns for various private bodies and companies, always linked to humor, working with some of the best Italian designers. Publications of Il Pennino in twenty years were 170 while the exhibitions organized since 1981 about 250.

France Cartoons, (FR)France-Cartoons is the association of French press cartoonists, it has more than 100 members, French, of course, but also Italians, Belgians, Canadians, Algerians, Swiss, Turkish, German, French Moroccan, a Tunisian and … Daryl Cagle, as well as benefactor members, they are not designers but they want to support its action. It aims to give francophone cartoonists or not, the opportunity to communicate with colleagues around the world. It tries to provide designers with the necessary help to overcome the difficulties they may encounter in the exercise of their profession. On its website, each member manages his own page and there are practical informations on the job, the agenda of festivals, fees, exhibitions, competitions. It publishes a WebMag FRANCE-CARTOONS, a quarterly online, reporting on festivals and exhibitions, news about cartoonists, their exhibitions, their books, portraits and sections on the history of the caricature and satire. It is also on Facebook and Twitter.

United Sketches, (FR-Iran) is an International Association for Freedom of expression and Cartoonists in exile. Founded on March 8th 2015 and based in Normandy – France [Le Mémorial de Caen], It’s the World’s biggest growing professional network of cartoonists by its active ambassadors in each country. United Sketches‘s ambassadors are engaged, active and independent cartoonists who suggest and/or confirm potential new members.