Tunisia torn between protesters and hooligans

Photo: © Nacer Talel pour HuffPost Maghreb The facts: AFP- While sporadic peaceful protests began last week in the country, the protests escalated into riots on the night of Monday, January 8 to Tuesday, January 9, when clashes erupted after a man’s death during a protest. During the following night, 49 police officers were injured and 206 […]

Tobe or not to be CHARLIE, three years later

In February 2015, I decided, with the complicity of many caricaturist friends, to pay homage to Charlie’s cartoonists and the people murdered during this vile terrorist operation of February, 7 2015 in Paris. Following this publication Guillaume Doizy, the editor-in-chief and creator of the beautiful website www.caricaturesetcaricature.com  interviewed me: http://www.caricaturesetcaricature.com/2015/02/la-satire-est-un-element-fondamental-de-la-democratie-meme-si-elle-peut-etre-un-outil-des-dictatures-donc-du-debat-citoyen-entretien To honor the memory of […]

US & Global warming: towards a new McCarthyism

President Trump never hide to be strongly climate change skeptic, declaring that global warming was a Chinese propaganda against American prosperity and that all Obama’s legislations to protect against climate change had to be removed. One of his first move (apart from refusing to sign the COP21 agreement, relaunch coal extraction, etc.) was to nominate […]

Free Ramón Esono Ebalé

Equatorial Guinea’s cartoonist committed to defending human rights has been jailed in the absence of charges since 16 December for exercising his right to freedom of expression, on the orders of the President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, in power since 1979. Once again, the community of cartoonists, in particular the CNRI (Cartoonists Rights Network International […]

Catalan elections human rights and freedom of expression

There has been a very strong participation of the 5.5 million Catalans called to the polls (nearly 82%), largely superior to the previous polls of 2015. The liberal centrist Ciudadanos party, led by the lawyer, Inés Arrimadas, took the first polling place in number of votes (25%) in front of the independentist formations (“Together for […]


With a decree of his administration, Trump prevents the highest US Health Authority (Center Disease Control) from using seven “dangerous” words in official documents (Fetus, transgender, vulnerable, diversity, evidence-based, science-based, entitlement). Unfortunately, from the burning of individual words to the burning of books, the passage is short. Text and cartoon by GianFranco Uber Article from […]

International Cartoon Awards for Human Rights [Prix Mémorial]

This cartoon competition on the theme “Defending human rights” was organized by our partner United Sketches headed by the Iranian political refugee Kianoush, sponsored by the Memorial de Caen (France). The competition was open from 11 september to 30 November 2017. So it is too late to participate. But it will be very interesting to […]

Confrontations – 2nd International Cartoons expo

Interfilm’s short film competition Confrontations for human rights topics goes graphic for the second year! In an exhibition by United Sketches, curated by Kianoush Ramezani, about 50 cartoon artworks will be shown during this years 33rd interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin at Babylon Cinema in Berlin-Mitte from November 21st-26th, 2017.Vernissage: Tue 21 Nov 2016 […]

LIBREXPRESSION, Conference “Fobidden to be offensed”, Festival Internazionale in Ferrara

Photo Gallery of the Conference: “Forbidden to be offended” organized by the Center Librexpression during the festival Internazionale a Ferrara il 29 settembre 2017. Ismail Dogan (Turkkey/Belgium), Ramses Morales (Cuba) and Tom Tomorrow (USA) and Thierry Vissol (EU/FR) explain their views on what is freedom of expression and its possible limits. All illustrated their postions […]

Passaparola! Sostieni Librexpression!