The JACOVITTI’s world – An exhibition in Aosta

This exhibition proposes a long journey in the career of Benito Jacovitti and his numerous characters with many cartoons exhibited for the first time. A hilarous exhibition with the surealistes characters of “Jac”. But also an axhibition which is not only of comic strips, but with a profound cultural dimension, of political and social dimension, […]

But what is that bit of paper?

The excellent book by Dino Aloi, “Ma cos’è questa carta? Appunti per un’indagine metodologica su caricature, umorismo, satira e fumetto” (“But what is that piece of paper? Notes for a methodological inquiry on caricature, humour, satire and graphic novels”) ​​is now available. Dino Aloi, member of the Scientific Council of the LIBREXPRESSION center and director […]

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