Iran: tweety Trump goes to war (part 2)

So, despite pressure from the Europeans and his friend Macron, Trump did not give up his Iranian bone and decided, whatever the consequences, to withdraw the US from the Iranian nuclear agreement (JPCoA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, 2015), accepting the demonstration of “Bibi” Benyamin Netanyahu, according to who Iran is lying. Certainly, Iran is […]

Macron-Tintin in America

With his hairless face, youthful silhouette, piercing blue eyes, almost hairstyle with a puff, his fearlessness and willingness to fight, his liberalism tinged with Christian-social-democraticy, his certainty to defend the fundamental values ​​of Western liberal democracy, French President Emmanuel Macron has everything from the paper hero of Hergé: Tintin. Like him he is surrounded by […]

Tweety Trump goes to war

The armed conflict that plagued Syria for seven years has created a serious humanitarian crisis and plunged the Syrian population into great suffering. A population of 20.6 million in 2011 and still 17.1 in 2016 because despite the war the birth rate remains high. The average age of the population is 23.7 years for men […]

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