Macron-Tintin in America

© Maurizio Boscarol for Libex

With his hairless face, youthful silhouette, piercing blue eyes, almost hairstyle with a puff, his fearlessness and willingness to fight, his liberalism tinged with Christian-social-democraticy, his certainty to defend the fundamental values ​​of Western liberal democracy, French President Emmanuel Macron has everything from the paper hero of Hergé: Tintin. Like him he is surrounded by a prime minister, Edouard Philippe, former mayor of Le Havre, Norman and bearded like Captain Haddock, but also dubious friends like General Alcazar (whose handshakes and psychological resemblance with Trump is staggering.

So, after his pro-European debate in the European Parliament, Macron-Tintin, self-proclaimed “honest-broker” between the EU and the US went to visit his friend Donald Trump. An official visit of 3 days, during which, between kisses and coaxing, honors, official visits, gardening at the White House, bilateral talks and speeches before the US Congress, he tried to convince the American president and his majority of the merits of his ideas.

It is difficult to understand the friendship that seems to have developed between these two men, who seem to be much opposed. However, the similarities are numerous. An art of communication completed. Before his trip to the US, Macron gave an interview to Trump’s only US television channel, Fox News, in which he explained his points of convergence with his counterpart: anointed by universal suffrage, they are “maeverick” of politics, with well-defined ideas and difficult to convince “we do not easily change our minds“, eager to keep their campaign promises, fascinated by the force and not hesitating to have muscular verbal confrontation. And, as noted by some American journalists, they are both convinced of their intellectual superiority.

That said, Macron did not fear to express clearly, although in diplomatic terms, its points of divergence with Trump: whether on Iran, multilateralism and liberalism, the need to fight against global warming: “there is no planet B“, with a pugnacity that one would like to be that of all the Heads of State and Government of the European Union.

Some quotes from his speech to Congress:
We are living in a time of anger and fear, because of these current global threats. But these feelings do not build anything. You can play with fear and anger for a time, but they do not construct anything.
I do not share the fascination for new strong powers, the abandonment of freedom, and the illusion of nationalism.”
Against the threats to the planet, I believe in concrete actions and in science.”
Macron’s speech ended with three minutes of standing ovation.

But, alone, without a real support of the European Union, with social movements and strikes on the home front, with a competitive economy, whatever the strength of conviction of Macron, France can it still weigh on the evolution of the world?

Thanks to the friendship of Patrick Pinter, Libex is happy to present you a report on this official visit, unusual. Thank-you Patrick, and thanks also to the friend Maurizio Boscarol, author of this pastiche cover of the Hergé’s Album “Tintin in America” ​​realized in record time.

Patrick Pinter report

Will the signs of friendship shown by Macron and Trump make emulates?


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