10th international cartoons contest of CDI – results

The results of the Tenth International Cartoon Contest “brilliant minds” of the CDI (La Ciudad De las Ideas – the city of ideas) have been published. We are happy to share the results of this contest, that from 10 years is celebrating ideas.

  • First place: Jitet Kustana from Indonesia
  • Second place: Silvano Mello of Brazil
  • Third place: Gustavo Caballero Guffo of Mexico
  • 1rst mention of honor: Vladimir Kasanevsky of Ukraine
  • 2nd mention of honor: Felipe Galindo Feggo from USA
  • 3rd mention of honor: Mariagrazia Quaranta of Italy
    Congratulations to all.

    Members of the jury were: 
    Adriana Mosquera from Colombia
    Erdogan Karayel from turkey
    Luis Humberto Marcos of Portugal
    Omar Zevallos from Peru

    The Director of the international cartoon contest of the brilliant minds festival CDI was:
    Martha Barragán Mar


Economist and historian, director of the Center LIBREXPRESSION, Foundation Giuseppe di Vagno

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