Cartoon competition dell’European Cartoon Center: “Walls”

In 2019 it will be 30 years since the Berlin Wall fell. Today we see that border barriers are still erected all over the world. This inspired us to the theme for this 22nd edition of the Euro-kartoenale Kruishoutem: The Wall – in all its forms (habitation, border walls, climbing wall, fortification…). Important dates: Deadline:  […]

10th international cartoons contest of CDI – results

The results of the Tenth International Cartoon Contest “brilliant minds” of the CDI (La Ciudad De las Ideas – the city of ideas) have been published. We are happy to share the results of this contest, that from 10 years is celebrating ideas. First place: Jitet Kustana from Indonesia Second place: Silvano Mello of Brazil […]

Honourable Mention for 12 Cartoonists of the Competition LIBEX-2018

Among the 55 finalists of the first competition LIBEX-2018 #Linf18(selected among 260 candidates with 635 cartoons submitted), apart from the three first prizes, 12 cartoonists received from the Jury a “Honourable Mention”: Lele Corvi (It), Leslie Ricciardi (Uruguay), Giuseppe Inciardi (It), Walter Leoni – Totally Unnecessary Comics (IT), Ömer Çam (Turkey), Mary Zins (USA), Pascal […]

LIBEX-2018 Prizes ceremony

On Sunday 16th of September, Piazetta Struzo in Conversano (BA) was organised the Prize-ceremony  for the three winners of the Competition LIBEX-2018 on the theme “Imagination and power in the digital era“. A very nice public event, in presence of the jury, the Lord Mayor of Conversano, Pasquale Loiacono, the president of the Italian Journalists Association, Raffaele […]

The 15 best cartoons of the Competition LIBEX-2018

After selecting 55 cartoons out of the 635 sent by 260 candidates from 55 different countries del Concorso LIBEX-2018 on the theme: “Imagination and power in the digital era”  the jury choose its 15 prefered cartoons.  The 55 cartoons will be exhibited during and after the festival “LectroInFabula-2018” (from the 13th to the 16th of September, […]

Finalists of the first edition of the LIBEX-2018 Contest

There are 55 vignettes selected for the final of the first edition of the LIBEX-2018 contest launched on May 15th by the Euro-Mediterranean Center LIBREXPRESSIONof the “Giuseppe Di Vagno” Foundation, on the theme chosen for the 14th edition of the LectorInFabulafestival: “Imagination and Power in the digital age“. A very successful first edition: 260 candidates […]

First LIBEX Satirical Cartoons Competition 2018

First LIBEX Satirical Cartoons Competition 2018 Il Centro LIBREXPRESSION launches its first Cartoons contest, for the LectorInFabula 2018 festival and exhibition (13 to 16 of September, ). * The theme is : “Imagination and power in the digital age”. * Deadline: Cartoons will have to be sent before the 15th of June. * 54 cartoons […]

Call for cartoons:International Cartoon Exhibition on Media Literacy 2018

INTRODUCTION: Not all television shows or radio broadcasts present educational information. The information tends to be packaged according to industry interests. In fact, not infrequently the television and radio media are used for the benefit of a particular group or person. There are many also present violent impressions, ethnic offensive, religion race and intergroup (SARA), […]

“A Wonderful Human World” Competition – first selection

“A Wonderful Human World” competition (see Libex of 23rd of January) is now closed and the Jury will have the very difficult task to select the best cartoons in a brunch of stupendous ones. Members of Jury for the International Cartoon Contest & Exhibit in Norway dubbed as A Wonderful Human World has been announced on […]


23. INTERNATIONAL CARTOON EXHIBITION ZAGREB 2018A. PARTICIPATION The organizer of the 23rd International festival of cartoon ZAGREB 2018 is the Croatian Cartoonist Association. The festival is opened for everyone regardless of nationality, age, sex, or profession. B. THEME: METEOROLOGY (weather, climate, forecast, etc.) C. ENTRIES Conditions of entry: 1. Original works and digital artworks will […]


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