Cheeky Laughs (1) – Being a woman

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We pursue the publication of the cartoons of the International festival in Ferrara 2018, #intfe ,”cheeky laughs” conference, by: Marilena Nardi, Zainab Fasiki and Anne Derenne. The conference addressed four themes: (1) Being a Woman, (2) Harassment, (3) Violence, (4) Resistance. Here is the first part.

Being a woman is hard to imagine for a man. Perhaps is it one of the reasons for the lightness with which men treat women. However, in the absence of a men’s intimate understanding, the statistics of the United Nations and those of the European Union can give an idea – at least quantifiable, if not psychological – of what it means to be a woman in a world dominated by men:
– the employment rate of women is lower than that of men and their rate of part-time work is higher;
– in the EU, for the same job, women are paid on average 16% less than men;
– By combining the various indicators relating to work, the overall index of inequality in this field is on average 40% (s 43.7% in Italy and 31.1% in France).
– Yet women are more educated than men. On average, in Europe, if 40% of individuals have a diploma and for women 50% of them are.

– Despite this superiority in qualifications, the vast majority of men hold the top management positions: they are 65% against 35% of women in the EU-28, with a great disparity between the different Member States. In Italy, only 13% of senior managers are women, with a pay difference of 33%. In France, 40% of women are senior managers but with a pay difference of 21%.

© Zainab Fasiki

The weight of seteotypes and of various “obligations”

Beyond statistics, many stereotypes weigh on women: be it their so-called physical weakness, their tendency to whine (a man who cries is considered a girl), the use of a sexual-oriented or on the opposite a maternal image of women in advertising, the implicit obligation to follow stereotypes, the weight of education, family…

© Zainab Fasiki

… Or even mothers who perpetuate the macho model, etc.

Maybe, it is to avenge such inequalities that women live longer than men: in the EU, the average life span (men and women) is 80 years, that of women is 84.7 years!

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Economist and historian, director of the Center LIBREXPRESSION, Foundation Giuseppe di Vagno

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