Leave no one behind – some of the best cartoons

Our friend Fadi Toon, chief editor of the Facebook page “Cartoon Home Network International” had the idea to launch a virtual exhibition to sostain blind people. An initiative backed by Libex and the center LIBREXPRESSION.  In fact, as the deadline was postponed,  at the end 156 cartoonists did participate, coming from 45 different countries and proposed 249 cartoons.Too many participants to publish them all on this blog, but here is a brunch of some of the best.


The selection was done by a jury, and the results are the following:

Thanks to all participants!


Economist and historian, director of the Center LIBREXPRESSION, Foundation Giuseppe di Vagno



    (July 4, 2019 - 7:26 am)

    thank you for these pictures these are very good

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