Cheeky Laughter – Against gender stereotypes and sexism

© Marco De Angelis

As part of the Internazionale Festival 2018 in Ferrara – – Libex had the pleasure to present the work of 3 great artists, cartoonists: Marilena Nardi (It), Anne Derenne (FR) and Zainab Fasiki (Morocco) during a debate on sexism and gender stereotypes. Sexism and stereotypes that are unfortunately part of everyday life in all societies and not only in those of the religions of the Book. Of course, machismo has not the same intensity in all societies or in all social strata of a country. While there is a big difference in women’s individual freedoms between Muslim and Western countries, the types of problems are similar. Imbecility is unfortunately a hallmark of the human race in all types and at all level of society.

The idea that there may be some kind of “apple syndrome” (the original sin of Book religions) still exists despite the clear demonstration in enlightened societies of equal capacity between men and women. There is, however, a strange paradox: on the one hand, the man is perceived as the wolf, the one who only wants to eat the Red Riding Hood, on the other, it seems that the woman’s sex is scary and that he is the big bad wolf, a kind of phobia of the praying mantis, against which men should be protected.

It is time to overcome these prehistoric reflexes, which have never been demonstrated. Is it certain that in prehistory only the men went hunting and that the women stayed at the fireside to watch the offspring? Time to overcome medieval reflexes considering free and intelligent women as potential witches.

The debate has shown that, without the aggressiveness of men (the weak men, because as in the canine race, the smaller the men are – in their spirit not in size – and locked in their testosterone cage, the more aggressive they are), women have nothing to envy men, have similar desires and expectations and that their physical difference is not a weakness, but a wealth in all respects that it would be time to recognize.

© Tjeerd Royaards

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Economist and historian, director of the Center LIBREXPRESSION, Foundation Giuseppe di Vagno

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