Libex Exhibition 2019 Lunapocene: shall we also distroy the moon?

    A l’occasione della XV° edizione del Festival Della Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno, Lector In Fabula 2019, sul tema “La terra vista dalla Luna“, Libex ha organizzato una mostra, con catalogo a colori e cartoline postale, dedicata alla Luna e ai rischi di inquinarla come abbiamo inquinato la terra. La mostra si tiene nel […]

Leave no one behind – some of the best cartoons

Our friend Fadi Toon, chief editor of the Facebook page “Cartoon Home Network International” had the idea to launch a virtual exhibition to sostain blind people. An initiative backed by Libex and the center LIBREXPRESSION.  In fact, as the deadline was postponed,  at the end 156 cartoonists did participate, coming from 45 different countries and […]

The JACOVITTI’s world – An exhibition in Aosta

This exhibition proposes a long journey in the career of Benito Jacovitti and his numerous characters with many cartoons exhibited for the first time. A hilarous exhibition with the surealistes characters of “Jac”. But also an axhibition which is not only of comic strips, but with a profound cultural dimension, of political and social dimension, […]

Expo of Claude Jammet: bestiary

For once LIBEX is not presenting cartoons, but announcing the exhibition of extraordinary paintings – where irony is not the less interesting part – by Claude Jammet, a French painter, living in Italy. The exhibition “Bestiary I Anthropocene”, will be in the Gallery Everard Read, in London from 18th of October to 10th of November. We […]

Finalists of the first edition of the LIBEX-2018 Contest

There are 55 vignettes selected for the final of the first edition of the LIBEX-2018 contest launched on May 15th by the Euro-Mediterranean Center LIBREXPRESSIONof the “Giuseppe Di Vagno” Foundation, on the theme chosen for the 14th edition of the LectorInFabulafestival: “Imagination and Power in the digital age“. A very successful first edition: 260 candidates […]

LIBEX at the festival “We are Europe” – Trento 25-27 May 2018

The LIBREXPRESSION center will be present at the “Siamo Europa” festival Program: Festival organized by the Autonomous Province of Trento, in Trento from 25 to 27 May 2017. LIBEX accounts for two events: 1- A conference on the theme: “European Union and Fake-news“, Saturday 26 at 17:30: What are “fake news”? Certainly, false news … […]

First LIBEX Satirical Cartoons Competition 2018

First LIBEX Satirical Cartoons Competition 2018 Il Centro LIBREXPRESSION launches its first Cartoons contest, for the LectorInFabula 2018 festival and exhibition (13 to 16 of September, ). * The theme is : “Imagination and power in the digital age”. * Deadline: Cartoons will have to be sent before the 15th of June. * 54 cartoons […]

Hugo Pratt a fantastic exhibition in Lyon (France)

Hugo Pratt, horizons lines Exhibition from April 7, 2018 to March 24, 2019 Museum of Confluences, Lyon Immerse yourself in the world of Hugo Pratt, an artist who left a lasting impression on the comic books landscape by giving birth to Corto Maltese, the romantic sailor, the perfect embodiment of the anti-hero, but also to […]

“A Wonderful Human World” Competition – first selection

“A Wonderful Human World” competition (see Libex of 23rd of January) is now closed and the Jury will have the very difficult task to select the best cartoons in a brunch of stupendous ones. Members of Jury for the International Cartoon Contest & Exhibit in Norway dubbed as A Wonderful Human World has been announced on […]

Exhibition of editorial cartoonists: Bénédicte, Caro & Coco, “Vigousse” Girls

Flagship Signatures of the Swiss satirical weekly “Vigousse” since its launch, Bénédicte, Caro and Coco represent the women’s editorial cartoons community in French-speaking Switzerland. On the occasion of a year in 2018 marked by the resistance of women, with its opening scheduled on the occasion of Women’s Day, the new exhibition of the Maison du […]


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