The JACOVITTI’s world – An exhibition in Aosta

This exhibition proposes a long journey in the career of Benito Jacovitti and his numerous characters with many cartoons exhibited for the first time. A hilarous exhibition with the surealistes characters of “Jac”. But also an axhibition which is not only of comic strips, but with a profound cultural dimension, of political and social dimension, […]

Fake-news and freedom of expression

Here is an essential book to address the current debate on whether or not to legislate against “fake news”, particularly in our new world of social networks. – Oreste POLLICINO, Giovanni PITRUZELLA e Stefano QUINTARELLI “Parole e potere, libertà d’espressione, hate speech e fake news” published by EGEA in 2017. To face the debate it is […]

Buduàr Special issue #5 – greetings

We are still here for the fifth year to tidy up our mailbox full of good wishes and Santa Claus. A pleasant and relaxing work that also allows us to regain energy and rearrange the ideas for this 2018 that will still see us to elaborate ideas and proposals to make our almanac, that can’t […]

But what is that bit of paper?

The excellent book by Dino Aloi, “Ma cos’è questa carta? Appunti per un’indagine metodologica su caricature, umorismo, satira e fumetto” (“But what is that piece of paper? Notes for a methodological inquiry on caricature, humour, satire and graphic novels”) ​​is now available. Dino Aloi, member of the Scientific Council of the LIBREXPRESSION center and director […]

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