The 15 best cartoons of the Competition LIBEX-2018

After selecting 55 cartoons out of the 635 sent by 260 candidates from 55 different countries del Concorso LIBEX-2018 on the theme: “Imagination and power in the digital era”  the jury choose its 15 prefered cartoons.  The 55 cartoons will be exhibited during and after the festival “LectroInFabula-2018” (from the 13th to the 16th of September, […]

Hugo Pratt a fantastic exhibition in Lyon (France)

Hugo Pratt, horizons lines Exhibition from April 7, 2018 to March 24, 2019 Museum of Confluences, Lyon Immerse yourself in the world of Hugo Pratt, an artist who left a lasting impression on the comic books landscape by giving birth to Corto Maltese, the romantic sailor, the perfect embodiment of the anti-hero, but also to […]

Exhibition of editorial cartoonists: Bénédicte, Caro & Coco, “Vigousse” Girls

Flagship Signatures of the Swiss satirical weekly “Vigousse” since its launch, Bénédicte, Caro and Coco represent the women’s editorial cartoons community in French-speaking Switzerland. On the occasion of a year in 2018 marked by the resistance of women, with its opening scheduled on the occasion of Women’s Day, the new exhibition of the Maison du […]

Should one talk with national populists?

While the electoral campaign in Italy focuses on national-populists, anti-migrants and xenofobic themes instead of speaking about the real problems of the country (public debt, unprodctivity of the productive sector, population ageing and problem of sustaining the welfare system, insufficent research investments, young people disoccupation, mafia, corruption, ecc.) in the Nordic countries infuriates a democratic […]

Retrospective of 2017 press cartoons in Switzerland

“Retro du dessin de presse Suisse 2017” – Exhibition in Monges (Switzerand) Graphisme of the poster: Ricardo Moreira, with a cartoon of Alex The Exhibition La Maison du Dessin de Presse de Morges (Svitzerland) offers a beautiful retrospective exhibition of cartoons published in the Swiss press during the year 2017. A year particularly rich in national […]

The Trump World Map

I can’t resist publishing the Trump’s world map as seen by the New Yorker Cartoonist, Peter Kuper, after the Trump’s declarations on immigrants: The facts : extract from Joseph Cassidy’s paper in the The New Yorker of the January, 12 2018 : « A racist in the oval office » According to the Times (though it was the Washington Post’s Josh […]

Freedom of Press in Bulgary, EU president during the first semester

During the first half of 2018, Bulgaria holds the rotating presidency of the European Union. Admittedly, the vast majority of Bulgarians are pro-European and the government headed by the center-right Prime Minister Bojko Borissov manages to keep his accounts in order and avoid, on the contrary of Hungary and Poland to trample the rule of […]

Ismail DOGAN, a courageous Press cartoonist

Libex is pleased to reproduce an Interview of Ismail Dogan by the Spanish journalist Francisco Punal Suarez, published on our friend blog « Fany-blog »: The interviex is completed by a gallery of some of his cartoons . İsmail Doğan is a Belgian-turkish artist. He has been reported several times for his political cartoons. Belgium political cartoonist […]

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from LIBREXPRESSION, thanks to some of our friends, Seguiteci sui social network:

Passaparola! Sostieni Librexpression!